Sassari, Italy, 2015

Photo courtesy of Project for Public Spaces

Dispersione Zero’ was a collaborative project between TaMaLaCà and a primary school, which involved 20 students aged 11 to 13. The project was funded under a ministerial programme to reduce school dropouts. Project leaders decided to make unconventional use of the grant by purchasing carpentry equipment for a small workshop on the school premises.

The learning-by-doing approach and the collaborative non-hierarchical work environment were the key elements of the project. Students conceived and realised a spatial intervention that transformed an underused sidewalk into a welcoming space that encouraged new individual and collective uses, such as stopping, playing and reading.

The installation was characterised by coloured stripes painted along the path that overlooks the main entrance of the school, and creative street furniture that students built in the workshop under the guidance of TaMaLaCà.

While the installation lasted only a few days, the carpentry workshop has remained in the school and become a neighbourhood service, promoting future interventions of urban re-activation.

Download the handbook by clicking on the button below. Arabic and Spanish versions will be available soon.