Bogotá, Colombia, 2016

Photo courtesy of Arquitectura Expandida

Potocine’ is a self-construction and self- management project for the first community cinema in Ciudad Bolívar, a district of Bogotá, which has the greatest number of displaced people. The project proposal arose from the community’s need for a cinema which could provide logistical support for ‘Ojo al Sancocho’, a collective that runs a school and a community film festival. Children, youths, adults and the elderly gather inside and around this multi-functional cinema for screenings, theatre, meetings, and workshops.

The design collective Arquitectura Expandida is allied with local community leaders and organisations that provide their expertise 
to implement the project. They encouraged the community to self-organise and take responsibility for their own urban environment, improving a neglected area through collective efforts.

Download the handbook by clicking on the button below. Arabic and Spanish versions will be available soon.