9.2 | Management of building works

Compiling a plan for managing building works ensures that all the procedures and provisions set during the procurement process are implemented during the construction phase.

Site management is usually the responsibility of the contractor. However, it is important for the implementing partner and contractor to develop a plan jointly. This ensures that the built intervention is delivered as planned in terms of technical specifications and timeline, and that health and safety measures are implemented correctly.

A collaborative plan may be particularly significant when the site management contains elements that might be new for a contractor, for example, certain procedures on the provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all hired labour. Such procedures should be discussed in detail to guarantee their implementation. Imposing rules on the contractor without discussing the reasons behind them may lead to non-compliance.

The implementing partner sending regular updates to all partners — including local authorities or whoever granted the permit to build — can help maintain a smooth process during construction and avoid issues that might require a pause, causing delays and additional costs.

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