All ages

Photo courtesy of IOCC

Public design consultations can take place outside or in any public venue known to the local community. They reach greater numbers of community members, to hear about their needs and suggestions. Children are encouraged to participate in public design consultations, but there is a risk that the other participants (youths or adults) can limit their participation. For that reason it is important to engage children in structured activities during the consultation. For example, one facilitator could provide children’s engagement specifically, using playful tools.

Public consultations can be used to design solutions and to validate them, hence they can happen at different stages of the process. 
For example, to design a street intervention the design consultation could use photographs and 3D visualisations alongside examples of other street interventions. Participants are asked by the facilitator to choose which examples could work and where they would place them on the map.

o validate the design of a street intervention, the consultation could use photographs and 3D visualisations of the preliminary design. The facilitators ask participants to provide feedback and comments on the design presented.

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