Jordan, 2016

Photo courtesy of Pilosio Building Peace

RE:BUILD’ is an innovative construction system designed to provide safe, high-quality structures in refugee camps. Depending on need, each structure can be used, for example, as a house, school, or clinic. Temporary and modular buildings are formed using wall panels made of scaffolding and grids which are filled with gravel, sand or earth. Using only the ground available in the camps, the design team provides insulated interiors at a low cost.

The project puts communities at the centre of the process. RE:BUILD’s easy and safe assembly promotes the involvement of refugees in construction. Light components can be assembled on site using only bolts and tools. The wall panels are realised using a dry construction technique for greater safety. No cement or welding machines are involved, thus avoiding processes that produce fine dust which is harmful to the health of workers. With the supervision of a technician, the structure can be assembled in just two weeks by a team of ten workers lacking any know-how.

Another great benefit of the RE:BUILD system is the ability to reuse the materials, which is invaluable in a situation of scarcity, saving materials, time and energy.

Download the handbook by clicking on the button below. Arabic and Spanish versions will be available soon.