Suggested age: 4+

During transect walks, children walk through the neighbourhood where the intervention is located accompanied by the built environment expert. They observe and interview passers-by while drawing a sketch map of the walk, with the facilitator providing help with the visualisation.

This tool enables the built environment expert and children to learn about local needs directly. Its visual focus enables an exchange of knowledge between the children, community members, and the facilitator. Choosing the day and time to conduct the transect walk can have an impact on its results.

Transect walks can help address the following questions:

  • What specific locations are of particular importance to children and why?
  • How are people interacting in specific locations?
  • What are the main land uses along the transect?
  • What are their features and elements?
  • What are the participants’ needs along the transect?
  • What are the problems?
  • What are the spatial opportunities?

Download the handbook by clicking on the button below. Arabic and Spanish versions will be available soon.